Spa Equipment to Relax the Mind and Body

Malibu Tan has what you need to get gorgeous color the easy way. Tanning beds, spray tan machines – if you can find better services than we offer at any of our locations, at a lower cost, we’ve let you down!

But what about those customers looking for the all-in-one experience? A deeper tan, healthier skin, the level of relaxation they need to ease the stress of everyday life? Once again, Malibu Tan delivers on our promise of total service and capabilities!

At our locations throughout southern Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana, we offer amazing spa equipment that delivers peace of mind and a stunning look you want in one visit. In as little as 20 minutes, you too can look and feel the best you ever have using the most advanced technology available today:

Spa Rejuvasun

Rejuvasun is spa equipment that combines the performance of a salon-class professional tanning bed with Omnilux LED light therapy technology. It lets you look and feel younger with NO Pain and NO Downtime for less than a single doctor’s visit.

The secret is in what is called Photomodulation. This process involves a facial treatment and tanning all in one. It stimulates cell regeneration with the use of low-energy light pulses and LED panels. Clients use Rejuvasun to visibly reverse the signs of aging, promote skin repair, to tone and tighten their skin, and reduce acne and rosacea.

The Hydration Capsule

The Hydration Capsule is a revolutionary breakthrough in tanning/spa technology. This 20 minute, relaxing, vitamin steam session helps to relieve stress, prepare for the tanning process, and enhance tanning results! 

The Hydration Capsule works by harmonizing a two-part formula. A single blanket of radiant heat and steam topically bathes you to clear your skin and make it more radiant and beautiful than ever before. It also deeply hydrates your skin and penetrates it beneath the surface with oxygenated skin care and tanning products to give you a deeper, darker tan in far less time!

For more information on our spa equipment, or to schedule your FREE personalized consultation with us, please call the Malibu Tan location nearest you.