Keep Your Skin Smooth & Radiant

Each one of our products has years of extensive research put into their advanced formulas and includes essential elements, such as dark-bronzing agents, natural bronzing extracts, anti-aging and toning ingredients, and other trade secret components, that will give you the healthiest skin possible.

Malibu Tan’s offers these top sellers as well as many more:


Rock Culture

Sol Struck

Sol D Mand

Force of Nature

Beachin' Life


Bronze D Coded

Forever After

Dark Side

Bronze Intentions


Reality Check

Hemp Nation
Sea Salt & Sandalwood

Hemp Nation
Coconut & Marshmallow

Hemp Nation Watermelon/Lemonade

G Gentlemen Black

G Gentleman Limited Intensifier

G Gentleman Extender



Strike a Posey

Don't Take Me For Pomegranate

Apple of my Eye


Pep Talk

Shea You Love Me

Aloe There Extender


ID Optimizing Serum

ID Optimizer

ID Intensifier

Palm + Coconut Natural Bronzer

Palm + Agave Intensifier

Tekton Bronzer

Tekton Intensifier

858 Cali Optimizer

310 Cali Bronzer

Color Priming Body Buffer

Color Enhance Body Wash


Black Dahlia Flourish




Worship Worthy

Glam Rush

14 Karat Gold Rush




Miss Designer


Hello Bubbles

Angel Extender

Juicy Extender


Best of all, we've partnered with our vendors to provide extensive training to our staff! They review all the best benefits and improved skin enhancements their products can provide and share that information with you! That way, we can be sure that all of the products we offer not only meet your expectations, and industry standards, but our own high requirements as well.

For more information on our exclusive lotions, or to schedule your FREE personalized consultation with us, please call the Malibu Tan location nearest you.